Hands-on investing since 2007.



We’re transparent in how we work and what we do: We like speed, brutal honesty and teamwork. 

The relationship with the founders is what matters most. This is how we build great companies – together!

The commitment is there to be actively involved and help the founders to stay focused on what really matters in such a early stage – the 3 most important things: product, product and product! We invest in founders we already know through our 25 years journey in the digital industry / technology market. We don’t invest in first-time founders.

Our Investment range up to 250.000 EUR per company, while typically investing between 100.000 – 200.000 EUR. Our sweat and efforts should be reflected in the deal terms and we’re happy to support you.

Former  investments (exits): medmira (healthcare; after discovery of first rapid covid-19 tests), buongiorno SpA (mobile services; IPO),  givve (corporate benefits; M&A deal), fashionfreax (fashion social network; M&A deal), SocialCom (customer care solution; M&A deal), BookItNow! (hotel booking system; M&A deal)

We manage a active portfolio of up to 10-ish companies at a time to assure support.



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