Life as an: Entrepreneur. Lecturer. Investor.

angel investor and huge soccer fan, serial entrepreneur since 1997.

Business Angel

At a time, builds a portfolio of up to 5 hand picked companies and actively supports them with money, network and time. We have a active angel network that also invest along the way with us.

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Founding Managing Director, GTEC

German Technology Entrepreneurship Center (GTEC) is Germany’s first open campus to unite technology entrepreneurship organisations, resources and expertise in one place focusing on corporate digitalization and executive euducation.  

Speaker, Mentor, Jury Member

I’m speaking on international conferences and forums about Entrepreneurship, Digitalization, Corporate Innovation as well as Growth Funding and Venture Capital (in Europe).

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Teufelsrat 1. FC Kaiserslautern

Advisory Council to the Management and Supervisory Board of the German Soccer team, 1. FC Kaiserslautern 

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Moderation: CeBIT 2015: Start-Up Pitch by RWE

Panel: German-Israeli Innovation Bridge

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New York International Week 2015


Appearance on CNN: Entrepreneurship 25 years after the Fall of the Berlin Wall

Keynote: Entrepreneurship 3.0 - the 3rd Industrial Revolution - San Francisco

by GABA, ACG San Francisco Warburg Chapter and the German American Chamber of Commerce
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Stockholm School of Entrepeneurship Keynote: Why Worry? Meet failure: the entrepreneur's best friend

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Panel: Economic Forum - Entrepreneurship 3.0

Keynote: Nahdet El Mahrousa, American University of Cairo

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Epicenter Opening - Stockholm

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Maastricht University: Week of Entrepeneurship '11

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Venture Capital in Europe - Charlotte, NC

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StartupWeek 2011: Entrepreneurship Education Panel - Vienna

Transatlantic Entrepreneurship Conference, NYC

Digital Transformation in Sports, Kaiserslautern

supporting the German Soccer team 1. FC Kaiserslautern in their digital transformation efforts to build better fan and sponsor relationships, advising on strategic campaigns and projects.        

About me:

Benjamin Rohé, an entrepreneur who co-founded a public company amongst other startups and worked in the tech, renewable energy, digital space since 1997. He started his first company at the age of 17.

Benjamin has been investing time and money into startups throughout Europe since 2007. He has given talks and lectures at different european universities as well as at various european startup and economic conferences. Those include the Economic Forum, Stockholm School of Entrepreneurship, Maastricht University, Center for Digital Technology & Management (Munich), European School of Management and Technology (Berlin) and the Zeppelin University where he also helped to create a investment fund for startups at the same university.

In 2011 his business angel investment activities became more structured by forming and bringing in a advisory board of industry experts. Benjamin also served as a Partner in the Venture Capital Funds of Redalpine Venture Partners AG in Switzerland. He is a accredited investor by the European Investment Fund (EIF - EAF).

He co-authored with Gütt Olk Feldhaus Rechtsanwälte “Angel syndicates: Efficient investment in startups with syndication and sub-share agreements” for the Book "Guide for Business Angels" published by the Business Angel Network Germany and GoingPublic Media AG in December 2012.

Since January 2015, Benjamin is heading the German Tech Entrepreneurship Center (GTEC) in Berlin. Founding Partners include European School of Management and Technology, Noerr LLP, RWE, Henkel and 2 foundations.

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